Why do you need so much space
and lamps for simple shots?

We were derigging some gear after a music video shoot which featured a head and shoulders lighting composition. We shot this before we took the setup apart so you'd have an idea of the work that goes into making video images look great.


The camera was adjusted to see all the equipment in the darker (unlit) parts of the studio so the subject area looks too bright (overexposed) compared what it would look like as a final adjusted setup.


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Behind the scenes footage from "Impossibly Beautiful"

This shoot used mainly a greenscreen backdrop in order to insert different colour backgrounds later. Black drape and grey paper roll were also used as backgrounds. The entire shoot was a head and shoulders composition.


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Working with pets for RTÉ2's "Green Room" on-air idents

This greenscreen shoot was for the completely CGI 3D "Green Room" that RTÉ2 uses for it's on-air identity.

The trouble with a dog is that it doesn't do what's drawn on the storyboard - it has a mind of it's own and you have to adapt your idea to what it does.


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Shooting a short musical "Chairs"

A TV studio discussion show was the setting for this short musical. deStudio was blacked out with black drape on the walls and floor. A section of lino was placed on the ground as the stage area for the actors.


This video clip coming soon...



"Scissor clamps"

"Tennis ball on a grip arm"

"How to make a lighting boom out of c-stand"

"Rig a mic anywhere with an adapter for lighting spigots"

"Pro-jib and microdolly"


The above named video clips are coming soon...


But here's some basic lighting and grip techinques for new assistants while you wait...

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What's the best data rate for your video?

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