Synchronising multi-camera shoots or shooting a music video? Then you need a Digislate.

Even nowadays a clapper board is still the ultimate failsafe device for synchronising multiple sources together in digital post-production. A clapper board with timecode display or “Digislate” is used for this purpose – whether it be for syncing the correct part of the music playback track to the correct pictures for a music video, or making sure footage from multiple cameras sync’s in Avid’s or Final Cut Pro’s multi-cam feature.


Using professional camcorders with TC and genlock input/output you can still have problems syncing afterwards in post (we know, it’s happened to us!) as the camcorders can lose sync when mistakes are made during the pressure of a shoot. The Digislate is a valuable backup when things go wrong.


If you shoot a mixed-format production utilising professional camcorders with TC/genlock input/output and also lower cost MiniDV/HDV type camcorders which can’t input external TC, or shoot utilising all MiniDV/HDV type camcorders then a Digislate is a must for avoiding the extremely time-consuming processes of visually matching different camera sources together in post-production.


TC – Timecode
Genlock – a way of synchronising video sources to the same picture timing


...And it also looks great! Clients love having their photo taken with Digislates. : )


If you need more details on the shoot or post-production procedures best suited for synchronising with the Digislate please give us a call and we’d be happy to help.