It has many names but whatever you like to call it yourself, you will know that shooting subjects using a white floor curving smoothly up to a white wall background has been a timeless look since the last century. Nothing dates it except the subjects you choose. The classic white cyclorama set has been used again and again because it just looks great.

deStudio offers a city centre based 20 foot wide cyclorama which can be used for single people with arms outstretched, groups of people, action shots, bird's eye viewpoints etc.

Yes, it is possible to simulate a white background with a greenscreen (and we also provide that facility) but why go to the trouble/cost of more post-production when you can get the classic original look immediately "in-camera". Audiences recognise the look of bad greenscreen keys and also the subtle fine detail of shoots which were done in a genuine white cyclorama set.

Unless you have very specific requirements we already provide the lighting needed for a smooth shadowless look and can supply extra lighting equipment if needed. The studio is quiet as it was designed with sound recording in mind. We have both motion picture lighting and "stills" flash lighting.

A white cyclorama also easily becomes a grey and every shade in-between by simply lowering the lighting level of the background versus foreground subjects. Coloured gels can change the colour of the backdrop or repainting for more elaborate changes is possible.



The photos enclosed have been shot to show you the dimensions of the cyclorama – of course it can be lit to look like a smooth flat white – but if we did that we would be sending you pictures of nothing!

If you need more details or would like to have a look around please give us a call and we'd be happy to help.