With comfy couches and plenty of space deStudio is ideal for training sessions and casting. We can tailor our facilities to fit your bespoke training needs. With plenty of technical facilities on hand it's easy to accomodate most requests.



A telepromter can be a great asset when there is a lot of script material to get through. Often called by one of it's brand names Autocue (just like the Hoover / vaccum cleaner effect) - a teleprompter lets the presenter read the script while looking straight into camera. This is incredibly useful as a presenter can concentrate on presentation performance rather than remembering their lines.


Placing cue cards to the side of the camera often results in a "shifty" distracted look on the presenters' faces.


A telepromter increases your studio cost not only because of the extra equipment but because of the operator needed. If your production has more than a few script lines to camera for the on-screen talent it's well worth the extra cost for the time it saves versus time used with presenters' forgetting their lines.


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This setup was for a mock current affairs programme so RTE could test new presenters.


It was a two camera shoot with live camera cutting using one of RTE's SMUs (Satellite Mobile Unit). This was linked to the studio floor with cables run to a mini OB unit parked outside.


The black drape errected at back of shot was brought in for the shoot. We now have on-site floor to ceiling black drape to help make it easier for your shoots.





Teleprompter (or Autocue) is normally controlled on the studio floor so the presenter and teleprompter operator can build a rapport and communicate easily.