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deStudio provides in-house rental/hire of film and TV lighting plus flash strobes for photography.


Our equipment is comprehensive for photography; for film and TV we are well equipped for a small studio operation. You can be assured using the combination of ceiling grid-hung, lighting boom-mounting, frame-rigging, or with ground level grip options we can place your light sources in any position and at any "soft" to "hard" light quality. Greenscreen and product shoots are particularly suited to our equipment selection.


For the stills photographer our camera rental stock includes Nikon D-SLRs and lenses to compliment the Bowen's flash.



Lighting and grip hire for studio usage is really easy. We charge a competitive all-in price for you to have free run of practically everything. For clients who like to source their own gear and only need 1 to 3 items we have a spot price to accommodate.


Our lighting and grip equipment is complimentary to the camera and shoot kits supplied by the likes of Visual Impact (who are close by), The Production Depot and Panavision - and we recommend them for hire of video and film cameras, heavy steel track and dollies etc.

Our lighting equipment has been spec'd for the regular usage which we see in our studio and we recommend Cine Electric for a larger range of lighting and specific purpose lamps which are complimentary to what we offer.


We recommend DML and Conn's Cameras for hire of additional stills photographic gear.