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November 2009

Moving lights ...with intelligence!

It's a whole new world when you start using intelligent lighting lamps for your setups. Intelligent lighting (or intelligent fixtures) is the trade term for lamps which can move and change colour, change gobos, rotate and shake the gobo patterns, strobe, shake and more... using their own preset patterns or under the control of a DMX console.


We've put a toe in the water for moving lights by buying a scanner (a very fast moving light which uses a mirror) which can project gobos and be set to move the light in preset patterns. Because it has a projection lens the fall-off from light to dark (no light) is extremely sharp and that opens up a number of possibilities too.

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August 2009

Presentation ...Panel ...and Discussion Programming

Let's face it. Studio programming is the lowest cost way to produce quantity programming at television-quality production values. More minutes, or even hours of programming can be produced per day in studios than is possible with field production (except with expensive OBs). That means lower crew and associated costs.


You can be assured of much higher minimum standards of lighting, picture and sound quality than with the minimum standards of field production. Also no rain, constant stopping and starting, travelling to locations, getting lost, catering, hotels etc. The quality of the programming content can then be decided by your time/budget available for preproduction and finding interesting people as presenters and guests.


It's less expensive than you may think to build studio sets and shoot in studio with 2 cameras and up. You may not have realised how much cheaper and more flexible it is to do multi-camera vision mixing in post-production rather than "as live".


You would easily fit sets equivalent to the news, current affairs, arts and sports shows regularly seen on RTE, TV3, TG4 and BBC in our studio.


With budgets currently so crushed that programme strands may have to be cancelled, a studio-based programme may be the difference between a programme strand getting made or not at all.


Talk to us and we can fill you in on all the advantages and special planning requirements of studio-based shows for single camera presentational ...to multi-cam with post-production camera cut ...to "as live" OB camera cut.



July 2009

Pipe Grid! Hang ANYTHING from the ceiling!

We've didn't stop at putting anchor points in the concrete ceiling, nor stop at removing the dropped ceiling grid so you could position lamps higher with boom arms...


...now we're rigging a permanent steel pipe grid ...so you can hang heavy people, lamps, monitors, chandeliers, chairs, couches, beds and whatever other crazy ideas you have for music videos, TV programmes and photo shoots.


Butterfly frames and poly boards can also hang to clear much more floorspace than was possible before. There will be less trip hazards the more you hang from above.

Check out our FAQ



April 2009

Yes ...you CAN suspend people from the ceiling

We've been listening and you've been asking to rig people, televisions, chandeliers and more from overhead.


There are now anchor points in the concrete ceiling rated to take much heaver loads than previously possible.

Check out our FAQ



March 2009

We've raised the roof!

If you've shot in our studio before you'll know the dropped ceiling grid was 3 meters above the studio floor. That was fine for most lighting requirements but relatively awkward to achieve soft light from rear "kicker" lights - as a lamp with soft box takes up quite a bit of depth.

Well we invested in narrow lightweight fluorescents in order to achieve the same effect of a tungsten lamp with soft box but closer under a lower ceiling.


However ...in the meantime we've removed sections of the ceiling grid. The concrete ceiling is a further 0.5 meters above the floor to give a 3.5m working ceiling height.

Now you can place lamps higher above the floor with boom arms and also achieve higher camera placements for bird's eye views.


Plus the new fluorescents.



February 2009

Simple repositioning - Rolling Stands

Now moving a butterfly frame to get that perfect "soft light" look is much easier and just a one person job. Our new rolling stand bases fit any c-stand shaft so boom arms, frames, ground level stands or anything else that can be held by c-stands or "Baby" or "Junior" spigots... can roll!


We've also bought wheels for the "combo" type stand - perfect for mounting a studio floor monitor.


All of the above with brakes of course.

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January 2009

New LEDs and Fluorescents. You kept asking - we listened!

We've been looking at LED and fluorescent lighting options to get you the most bang for your rental buck.
These lamps are great for close soft lighting and work great in combination with our tungsten range.


The LED Rosco Litepads are great for closeup, product and cramped lighting situations like car interiors.


We've bought 5x Konova fluorescents (1x 6 dual bulb, 2x 4 dual bulb, 2x 2 dual bulb) which are equivalent to studio versions of the Kino Flo Diva-Lite range. The bulbs are the same and the studio lamp enclosure is sturdier with more light control.

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December 2008


Now you'll know what "that" strange word means!

Check out our glossary for the meaning of motion picture jargon.



13amp to 16amp plug/socket converters. How do you fit a square plug into a round hole?

We've bought a load of them. You'll never be searching for a spare one again!



November 2008


We've compiled some common questions so you can get answers in the middle of the night. We still want you to call us to say hello though!

Click here for our frequently asked questions (FAQ).



New website! We know... we know...

Lets face it, out old website was nothing to write home about. We are dramatically improving it. There's more to come.



October 2008

Lighting Booms. It's the little things...

Lighting Booms! Now you can put a lamp or softbox right over your subject - faster!


No need to rig to a ceiling strut or build a cross bar assembly between two stands.


The booms are made by using the removable steel c-stand shafts and inserting them into our just purchased pivoting boom clamps.

Add an adjustable spigot at the top and counterweight at the back and hey presto!

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Sand Bags. Health and Safety...

With our equipment increasing there has been more gear on the studio floor. We've purchased additional sand bags to weight stands down, making accidents more unlikely to occur.


Sand bags also get used to support sets and props. We focus on improvements that count.

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September 2008

Back focus lineup chart for your lenses.

Doh! The chart to check your "back focus" alignment is at home.

Don't worry, there's one permanently on the wall in our equipment room. You're shot will never be soft again.

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August 2008

Floor Mats. Health and Safety...

Cover those (trip hazard) cables at people-heavy traffic zones with our floors mats. We recommend using them wherever possible. They dampen sound too.


It's the little things...



July 2008

Butterfly Frames. Huge soft source lighting...

Mount light-control grip fabrics onto our frames to create huge soft sources for bounced or shoot through lighting. We've purchased Avenger 4mm square-tubed butterfly frames with enough tubing to make larger than 20'x20' frames down to a 4'x4' frame. Common frame sizes inbetween include 12'x12', 8'x8' and 6'x'6.


We have "artificial silk" diffuser fabrics for the 12'x12', 8'x8' and 6'x6' sizes with diffuser/gel rolls are wide enough to be used for 4'x4' frames.


Our huge greenscreen fabric is more portable as it can be stretched on the butterfly frame.


The frames have a multitude of uses beyond just mounting light control fabrics and have already been used for mounting perspex to protect the camera as a bucket of paint is thrown at it, for a professor to write an equation seemingly in mid air on more mounted perspex ...and to hang drapes from as a curtain rail.

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May 2008

Dimmers! Control your lamp output without ND or scrims...

We've watched you guys rig lamps and a number of you have requested dimmers - particularly for controlling the intensity of rear "kick" lights. During an interview shoot, a number of different interviewees can be front of camera with different hair styles, hair colours or sometimes none at all. Frequently a brightness change on the kick light is needed and a dimmer saves the setup time needed when trying/clipping different ND gels to the lamp with each different interviewee.



We've invested in more lamps!
Much more choice for you.
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April 2008

New gels and diffuser storage. Making it easier for you...

Searching through rolls of wrapped up gels and diffuser can be a pain when you want to quickly try different options. It's also a pain to pack them up again - we know!


We've invested in a purpose built storage system to make this time hog faster and easier.

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March 2008

More flash strobe heads! Get as complicated with your photo lighting setup as you'd like.

We now have 7x 500W flash heads to give you all kinds of options when lighting for flash photography. And if you are using a very large soft source and want more output than one 500W will provide ...just double them up.

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October 2007

Choose your own music! New studio quality speakers. Make the shoot atmosphere better...

For photography shooting and when rigging/derigging film/tv/web setups it can help the work atmosphere when music is playing.


We've installed a more permanent sound setup with speakers either side of the white cyc, cabled across the ceiling so no tripping or getting in the way. There is a CD/MP3 player available or connect your laptop or iPod.


One more piece of kit that you don't have to worry about.



September 2007

Wide angle zoom lens for DigiBeta, HD-Cam, DSR DVCam and studio TV cameras.

We now have a B4 mount wide angle lens for shooting with 2/3" CCD video cameras.

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August 2007

Poly board grip clamps. Soft bounced light - much easier!

We've bought clamps for holding large 2" 8'x4' poly boards so it's now much easier to setup/control bounced light.


Combine balancing the poly board on a c-stand leg with the clamp holding it firmly and you have a very easily positionable bounce source. No more of the painful balancing of poly boards against grip arms.



June 2007

New Nikon Lenses

We've added the lovely f2 Nikon portait lens with defocus control to our gear. That and our Nikon f1.4 50mm are excellent for shooting portraits on our cyc.

Click here for photography info...



It's the little things...

We've just purchased more backdrops suitable for full length or head and shoulders shoots.


No need for you to source them yourself.

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May 2007

Digislate timecode clapper board. A vitally important part of keeping multi-camera and separate sound recording in-sync.

And it looks great too!

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January 2007

You deserve a rest! Don't forget our couches.

What other film/TV studio lets your clients or yourself relax in comfy couches on the studio floor?


Just because other people are working hard constructing gear or setting up a shot doesn't mean there should be no comforts nearby!


And you can always move them...


November 2006

More power sources in the ceiling for your lamps!

We've installed more power cable runs along the ceiling grid so you have more choice of circuits to place your lighting load on. Just more stuff to make it easier for you.



July 2006

We've built a cyclorama! Infinity cove or curve for your usage.

There is now a permanent 20 foot wide cyc or cyclorama / cove so you can shoot those lovely person in "limbo" shots.

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June 2006

We've moved the greenscreen!

It's now a quick changeover to move from white cyc or set shooting, to greenscreen.


The greenscreen now has a semi-permanent position opposite the white cyc in deStudio. We did a bit of thinking to give best usage of space.


There is more working floorspace for your shots. With option for the camera to be placed further back to improve your perspective compression and depth of field effects.



February 2006

All sides covered ...Two big mirrors!

We've installed two big mirrors in the changing / green room.


They're placed at an angle so your talent can see their front and back at the same time.



Bounced soft light and control where it goes. We've got more black/white 8'x4' 2" poly boards...

Now lighting control is easier. We've bought more poly boards so you can have greater control of light and lets face it - 8'x4' boards aren't the easiest to transport so why not just use ours?

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